Wash N'Dry Microscope Slide Rack


Wash N'Dry Microscope Slide Rack

MAXIMUM CIRCULATION - Offset design allows liquid and air to optimally flow around and between all slides & coverslips ensuring best cleaning and faster drying times

MINIMALIST DESIGN - Tailored to contact a minimal amount of surface area permitting solutions and air to affect entire slide

12 Slots - Holds 12 large coverslips and microscope slides ranging in width from 22 to 26mm. 

“STIR IT UP” - Space beneath rack accommodates a small magnetic stir bar

LABORATORY FRIENDLY - Utilizes chemically and thermally resistant glass infused polypropylene. Autoclavable!

CREATE A SYSTEM - Use in conjunction with a 200ml tall form beaker (Cat. No. WSDR-BKER) to efficiently use solutions
Cat. No.: WSDR-2000
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