Adjustable Tube Rack Easel


Adjustable Tube Rack Easel

Ergonomic - Angle tube racks at 25°, 35° or 45° to optimize visual and pipetting comfort
Instant Setup/Adjustment - Support base grooves allow user to quickly switch between viewing angles
Self-Stabilizing - Easel’s full width rests directly on benchtop at all angles to increase overall tube rack stability
Easy To Use - Simply pick an angle, place the easel in the base and start pipetting

U of M: Each
Size: Holds racks up to 5.50 high and 8.50 wide
Technical Description: Universal, three position acrylic stand with neoprene pad for supporting tube racks. Fixed angles at 25°, 35°, and 45°.
Ideal Uses: Holding tube-filled racks at a comfortable positing for easier pipetting.

Cat. No.: TRAJ-1000
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