Planet-Safe Petri Dishes, 100mm 375/cs
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Planet-Safe® Petri Dishes, 100 x 15mm, 375/cs

100% Plant-Based
Planet-Safe® Petri dishes are made from PLA, a plant-based resin derived from non-GMO sustainably cultivated sugarcane.

Superior Cell-Binding
PLA is considerably more hydrophilic than petrochemical resins such as polystyrene. This beneficial property allows a variety of anchorage-dependent eukaryotic cell species to grow in liquid culture on the dish surface without added coatings or treatments. 

Test cultures with Planet-Safe® Petri dishes show normal growth and support of adherent Human Embryonic Kidney-derived cells (HEK293) and Monkey Kidney Fibroblast-derived cells (COS). Observed growth rate and confluence results were  comparable to leading tissue-culture treated polystyrene Petri dishes*.

Eco-Responsible Disposal
Disposing of Planet-Safe® labware is convenient and environmentally sustainable. All Planet-Safe® labware is commercially compostable where available. When required, biohazardous Petri dishes may be incinerated releasing a neutral amount of carbon dioxide and water. Planet-Safe® may also be disposed of in a landfill providing a carbon sequestration benefit three times greater than that of polystyrene-based Petri dishes.

*10% fetal bovine serum supplemented Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium.

U of M: 375/case (25 sleeves of 15)
Dimensions: 100 x 15mm (nominal) 90 x 16mm (actual)
Sterility: E-beam irradiated
Volume: ~70mL
Surface: Highly hydrophilic and suitable for cell growth

Cat. No.: PSPD-1000
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