PetriSeal™ stretches and conforms to form a tight seal and is temperature resistant, waterproof and chemically resistant. It resists abrasion and puncture and blocks vapor loss while reducing the rate of gas exchange.

Use PetriSeal™ with microtiter plates, Petri dishes and culture plates to prevent to entry of contaminants. The seal remains flexible down to -30°C and can withstand continuous exposure from -40°C to +77°C (with intermittent exposure up to 100°C).

Tests have shown that PetriSeal™ leaves no adhesive residue even after two years.

Tensile: 10lbs/ in width
Adhesion: 28 oz/ in width
Operating Temperature: -40°C - 77°C
Application Temperature: 10°C-77°C
Material Thickness: 4.5 mil
Total Thickness: 5.5 mil
Elongation: Color- 390% Clear:350%

Cat. No.: PSEAL-108
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