Gusto mini-centrifuge
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Gusto mini-centrifuge

This compact centrifuge is ideal for most protocols calling for fast spins (up to 12,500 rpm / 9,800 rcf) and quick spindowns. Useful for PCR®, microfilter cell separation, clinical applications, and HPLC protocols. Operation is extremely simple for this high-level of sophistication. For duplicate spins, simply reload rotor and push Start. Designed with quick-spin option for commonly used 20-second spins. Includes a toolfree, quick-change r o t o r system. Safety features ensure the unit will not operate with an open lid, a jammed rotor or when out of balance. Efficiently designed for minimum bench top space.

Max Speed: 12,500 rpm
Max RCF: 9800 x g
Dimensions: 203 x 171 x 114 mm
Voltage: 100 to 240

Gusto includes:
Two rotors:
-12 place standard rotor with lid for 1.5/2 mL tubes
-8-place strip rotor for four 0.2 mL tube strips or 32 single tubes
-Twelve 0.2 mL and twelve 0.5 mL adapters for customized use

Cat. No.: GUST-1000
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