Specialty Labels

Labels for Moist, Frosty or Frozen Surfaces

-"Grips" to wet, frost-covered and frozen surfaces
-Temperature resistant to -80°C
-Compatible with centrifuge rotors
-Resistant to chemicals and solvents
-Adheres to plastics, glass, metals and even paperboard boxes
-Available in white laser sheets, white direct thermal rolls, or white hand writable rolls

-No Adhesive Residue - Label and adhesive completely dissolve in any water temperature in under 30 seconds
-Environmentally Safe - 100% biodegradable and FDA Compliant for indirect food contact
-Autoclavable- Labels resist exposure to steam* at 121°C
-Temperature-resistant - Storage at room temperature to moderate freezer temperatures
-Laser Printable - Labels readily accept laser printing for quick and labeling of laboratory containers
-Ideally Sized - Fits a variety of bottles, flasks, beakers and other laboratory containers
*A build-up of liquid water on the label surface will dissolve the material.

Xylene Resistant
-Resistant - Resistant to most laboratory solvents and have shown short-term resistance to Acetone and xylene
-Temperature Range - -80°C to 93°C (RVHD & RVTH)
-Temperature Range - -40°C to 93°C (XYLN)
-Ultra Durable - When direct thermal printed or mark with a solvent resistant pen, labels exhibit exceptional durability
-No Residue- Easily remove from surfaces
without leaving any adhesive
-Useful - Great for beakers, bottles, flasks, glass vials, tubes, tube racks and pipettes
-Multiple Formats - Available on rolls for hand writing or for direct thermal printing using the Dymo
® LabelWriter®