Liquid Handling

Well Pads
A note pad that corresponds to the layout of a 96-, 48- or 24-well plate. A fast and easy way to keep accurate records of samples in a microplate. The adhesive backing allows the researcher to affix individual sheets into a notebook. The pad contains (50) 5" x 7" sheets.

Reagent Reservoirs

Disposable - Sterile and Non-Sterile varieties

-"Trough within a trough" maximizes reagent recovery

-Convenient pour-off spouts on all four corners

-A wide base provides stability and avoids spills

-Graduated marks on inside wall

-Made from high impact polystyrene

-Superior design provides stronger sidewalls

-Sterilized by gamma irradiation

-RNASE and DNASE free

-25ml divider allows for pipetting with eight channels on one side and four channels or a single channel on the other; the divider minimizes reagent loss and is convenient for adding controls

Bio-Pure Reagent Reservoirs
Biodegradable - Using a special additive to PET, our reservoirs will safely degrade over time.

100% Eco Friendly - Each case of Bio-Pure Reservoirs are packed in bio-degradable bags and recycled cardboard cases.

Unique - "Trough within a trough" maximizes reagent recovery.

Stable - A wide base and reinforced sidewalls avoids spills and provides stability.

Compatible - 25ml Reservoir with Divider accommodates eight channel pipets on one side and one to four channel pipets on the other. The divider is also convenient for adding controls

Sterile - Gamma irradiated and RNASE/DNASE free.