Label Accessories

Tough-Tag® Station
-Top-Loading - Easily insert new rolls or remove empty boxes
-Secure - Specially designed top rail holds rolls in place
-Cutting Edge- Allows easy liner trimming
-Convenient - When loaded, station can be used as a writing surface
-Versatile - Also holds 5-Across Tough-Spots®, Bake-Tags®, Teeny Tough-Tags® and Sidewall Tough-Tags®!

Write Protect

A Clear Adhesive Overwrap to Protect Writing

-Resistant - Defend writing against organic solvents and caustic agents
-Easy Application - Comes in a handy dispenser and is perforated to fit 0.5ml and 1.5ml tubes
-Multi-Surface - Adheres to all plastics, glass and metals
-Temperature Range: -196°C to 150°C


For One-Handed Opening and Closing of Microtubes

Improve Efficiency - Ring design allows researcher to wear the TubePopper on the pipetting hand while pipetting
Finger Saving - “Pry open” design means tubes pop right open, saving your fingers from the repetitive stress of opening microtubes
Universal- Works with most flat-top and domed microtubes
Onesize Fits All - TubePopper can be worn on any finger so you can find the perfect pipetting fit