Lab Essentials

Planet-Safe® Sampling Spoons

-Made from 100% renewable resources
-Unique PLA-based resin is 100% compostable and 100% recyclable
-Resin safely breaks down into carbon neutral components in all end-of-life scenarios
-Proprietary formulation won't warp in boiling liquid
-10cc level capacity
-Sit-flat foot allows BioSpoons to be weighed without spilling
-Rigid construction allows easy break-up of caked powders
-Individually wrapped and sterile


-Durable, heat-resistant, solvent-proof laboratory sealing film
-Chemically resistant
-Heat resistant & Microwave compatible
-Tight sealing
-Tear resistant

DuraSeal™ the durable, heat and solvent-resistant LDPE stretch film, has substantial advantages over common laboratory stretch films. Its’ superior heat-resistant feature allows for containers to be incubated in boiling water baths without suffering the characteristic melting of paraffin-based alternatives. Since DuraSeal is polyethylene based and free of any adhesives, it resists essentially all caustic agents and organic solvents.

DuraSeal is easy to use. There is no inter-leaf paper to strip away, just stretch the film symmetrically over a container opening and the 1.5mil thick film contracts inwardly around the opening or neck of the container to provide a drum-tight, water-proof seal. The film can be elongated 500-800% before breakage, minimizing the incidence of tearing during stretch sealing. The film clings to itself, especially after stretching so the free edges of the film may be stretched around the container to secure the container edges.

Permeability Information:
Oxygen = 125cc/100in2/24hrs at 23°C
Carbon Dioxide = 1300cc/100in2/24hrs at 23°C
Water Vapor = 1.0g/100in2/24hrs at 38°C and 90% R.H.

Converts liquid wast to solid waste in seconds. LabSorb rapidly absorbs aqueous or mixed aqueous/organic solvent waste. Use at locations connected to septic systems to avoid pouring waste down the drain. Put LabSorb at the bottom of your biohazard bin. One jar of LabSorb can absorb up to 50 liters of liquid. Retains liquid during autoclaving.